For us traditionalists to read the words “coffee mixed with butter” could sound like a blasphemy. Yet this mixture is becoming all the rage in the United States: an energy drink apparently by the great powers and easily feasible at home.

How did this strange fashion start?
The idea came to Dave Asprey, a famous biohacker who spent over 300,000 in experiments on himself to improve his health, his physical and mental performance and slow down aging (and he did a business).

Asprey noticed on his journey in the Himalayas that the Nepalese Sherpas used to drink large cups of tea with mixed yak butter and face long walks in the mountains, in the cold and without eating for a long time, in conditions that would make any Western faint.

Deepening the thing, he discovered that even in Ethiopia, home of coffee, some populations used to take long journeys, a paste made of coffee and fat. In short, including the existence of a relationship between caffeine and fat.

He tried to perfect the recipe and after many experiments he created the mix that today is famous as Bulletproof Coffee (bulletproof coffee): 250 ml of coffee, 1-2 tablespoons of quality butter and 1-2 tablespoons coconut oil blended together.

This foamy and creamy Shake itself has a good taste (strange as it may seem) but it is very important that no sugar is added (at most a non-glycemic sweetener such as stevia).

What does he do?
Drunk in the morning replaces the breakfast and allows you to stay beautiful awake and active for a long time without any languorino. It works because caffeine and quality fats mixed with fasting settle the body in “fat burning” mode. In this we take “clean” energy without using sugars that although good have the side effect of giving us the classic drop as soon as they are metabolized.

The bulletproof coffee should be inserted in a precise protocol, it does not work if accompanied by croissants and croissants, but it can help those trying to lose weight or those who notice several moments of decline during the morning and need to give their best.

For those who want to try it is recommended to use reduced doses compared to the “official” recipe, perhaps with half of everything: the effect will last less but you will get used to the new mix avoiding side effects that, especially for those who usually do not drink a lot of coffee , can be gastrointestinal discomfort.

The sources must all be of high quality: possibly organic butter, organic extra-virgin coconut oil or its extract called “MTC Oil” (coconut oil fats that the body immediately uses as energy).

And coffee must be a good coffee!

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